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TriScience offer a professional and personalised 1-1 bike fit service by a qualified bike fitter. This will improve your riding and correct some of the common mistakes that occur when setting up your own bike. Every rider is different therefore it is important to get a bike fit which suits you. A professional bike-fit will find your unique dimensions. Some bike fits set out to fit you to some pre-conceived angles that may be the best aerodynamically but are not necessarily right for you.Together we can work the aerodynamics of your position (cycling contact points, sitting position, leg & arm length, flexibility etc.), which will improve your power and comfort, making the most of your physical strengths & help you work on areas to improve i.e., upper body strength, core strength & flexibility.

Benefits of a personal bike fit:

  • Maximise comfort by making minor adjustments to the position of your cleats and the height and angle of the saddle etc. can make a difference to your comfort building endurance and technique faster and reducing risk of future injuries.
  • Minimise and prevent injuries e.g., the lower back – overstretching from incorrect length of the stem and knee pain from incorrect position of your cleats. Assessment of past and current cycling problems could help to find your optimum riding position.
  • Increase speed & pedalling efficiency by being in your ideal riding position. Change the saddle height or adjusting the lenght of the stem can make you more aerodynamic and assist in increasing power.
NRG-CLEAR-BACK (002) work closely with NRG Cycles who have branches in both Great Ayton and Teesside. Service, product choice and knowledge are excellent

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If you have any questions about any of the coaching services offered by TriScience or would like to enquire about organising coaching and training sessions please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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