Open Water Swim Coaching

Open Water swimming is very different to swimming in a pool and requires a completely different skill set. TriScience provides Individual coaching sessions to develop these skills; ensuring that when you compete in open water you feel safe & confident. Topics covered range from wetsuit and goggle fit, to starts, sighting, turns & transitions. By booking a guided swim you ensure your first experience of open water swimming is safe, reassuring & builds confidence.

Guided open water swims available either 30 mins or one hour duration. All you need is a swimsuit, goggles, swim hat & wetsuit.

The Start

This is the part of the swim that for most people  causes the greatest anxiety; nerves can potentially ruin your race before you start. Other factors such as disorientation & claustrophobia gives way to an early adrenalin surge and a mass of swimmers charging for position. A good start equals a better opportunity to swim your own race, catch a faster draft, be in the best possible position & been able to get into a rhythm.


There are 3 main different types of starts:

  • Deep water (floating) – heels should to be close to the surface of the water & behind you immediately prior to race start. Practice floating & sculling in place followed by an explosive freestyle flutter kick to quick-start your acceleration once the gun sounds. You can practice this all the time… why not start your 50m swims in the middle of the pool ?
  • Beach start (on the beach, or ankle-to-knee deep) Beach starts: run until the water is knee high, then dolphin dive. As you run, do not drag your feet through the water, rather, lift them completely above the water for as long as possible, and even try and squeeze in one extra step if you can, like an Olympic hurdler clearing that last hurdle, before the final dive in.
  • Dive starts (elite races mainly).


Prior to the start:

Inspect the terrain beforehand for rocks, uneven surfaces & sink holes. Dive in hands first; for knee- or waist-deep starts, jump & dive into the water with your arms in a tight, streamlined arrowhead position over your head using a strong kick & powerful first few strokes to get going.

Regular practice with other people around will help you gain more confidence either in the pool or at a lake. Start wide as there is more chance of clear water except and can prevent being kicked, dunked or punched.

NRG-CLEAR-BACK (002) work closely with NRG Cycles who have branches in both Great Ayton and Teesside. Service, product choice and knowledge are excellent

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If you have any questions about any of the coaching services offered by TriScience or would like to enquire about organising coaching and training sessions please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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