TriScience Video Swim Analysis

Now is the perfect time for a swim analysis to work on your swimming technique and make the improvements that could make a big difference to your racing. Don’t let poor technique or the swim section of a triathlon slow you down. Now there’s a way to efficiently & effectively train for your swim.

Benefits of a Video Swim Analysis for all swimmers & triathletes of all abilities:

Investing in a TriScience video swim analysis conducted in an Endless Pool is a great way of actually seeing how you are swimming & how to perfect your technique against an adjustable & even current which enables you to feel imbalances in your swim stroke & is available for all ability levels.

Coached & supervised by a qualified swim coach, teacher & competitive swimmer who understands the demands of training and competing in triathlon. Offering all athletes a personalised, high-tech way to improve swimming technique, gain speed and become more efficient & confident.

The video swim analysis is a high quality 1-1 session focused on your individual needs using High-Definition cameras filming from the side & front with mirrors underneath on the bottom of the pool allowing you to view your stroke giving a useful perspective. This provides instant visual feedback helping swimmers understand & adjust their technique, to correct or enhance their form instantly to achieve optimum performance.

Improvements within technique, maximize your propulsive efforts, which can increase your speed & efficiency by 5-10%! This can equate to about 1-2 minutes in a 1500m swim.

Opportunity for an additional or follow up sessions 4 weeks later to assess improvements in stroke technique, speed, efficiency, confidence etc. and fine-tuning or further developing new areas for improvement.


NRG-CLEAR-BACK (002) work closely with NRG Cycles who have branches in both Great Ayton and Teesside. Service, product choice and knowledge are excellent

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